Switch Actuator, Relay On-Off

Switching and controlling loads in all application areas

ABB i-bus® KNX actuators enable the reliable switching and controlling of different electrical loads in the KNX system. ABB offers a comprehensive range of actuators covering all application areas. 

Main benefits

  • Maximizes design freedom for KNX system integrators supporting a wide-range of switching requirements and installation types (MDRC, FM, SM)
  • Assists the work of the integrator thanks to the simple and quick installation and intuitive manual control of outputs
  • Flexibility from planning to final realization thanks to combined switching and shading functionality in the same device
  • Industry standard selection of analog actuators allowing control and integration of divers electrical consumers, e.g. HVAC

Main features

  • Complete range of rated currents: 6 A, 10 A, 16 A-AC1 and 16/20 AX C-Load
    Range of compact, combi devices with dual functionality
  • Copying and exchanging ETS parameter settings to optimize commissioning work
  • Simple and quick installation thanks to robust combi screw-head terminals
  • Features and functionality dependent on a selected device